Ministry of the Interior prepares draft measures to strengthen the internal security of the Czech Republic

Ministry of the Interior prepares draft measures to strengthen the internal security of the Czech Republic

According to the Ministry of the Interior, not only in the wake of the current tragic event at the Faculty of Arts building in Prague, but also in light…

 11. 01. 2024
Czech soldier saves life of American colleague in Sinai

Czech soldier saves life of American colleague in Sinai

A member of the Czech CASA unit, Warrant Officer J. M., saved the life of an American soldier who had suffered a sudden cardiac collapse with his quick and prompt intervention…

 06. 01. 2024
Fiocchi Group is now managed by Italian manager Paolo Salvato

Fiocchi Group is now managed by Italian manager Paolo Salvato

The Fiocchi Group, a manufacturer of small-caliber ammunition, which is majority-owned by the industrial-technology group CSG, has a new CEO. David Štěpán, CSG's…

 04. 01. 2024
Armoured vehicles are getting heavier. The bridge assets of the engineer army have to keep up with it

Armoured vehicles are getting heavier. The bridge assets of the engineer army have to keep up with it

The Czech Army's modernisation projects also include the acquisition of escort bridges and pontoon bridge sets. The most modern BVP or main battle tank are not very useful if their…

 04. 01. 2024
CSG has expanded its Board of Directors with two new members

CSG has expanded its Board of Directors with two new members

The Czechoslovak Group, an industry and technology group owned by Czech entrepreneur Michal Strnad, is strengthening its Board of Directors. As of the New Year, Zdeněk…

 02. 01. 2024
Slovakia may join the joint purchase of Leopard 2A8 tanks

Slovakia may join the joint purchase of Leopard 2A8 tanks

During December, Czech Defence Minister Jana Černochová announced that the Czech Republic and Germany have started to approach countries across Europe that could participate in the joint…

 01. 01. 2024
Milan Macholán: By 2030, we have an ambitious plan to become the world leader in the production of small jet engines

Milan Macholán: By 2030, we have an ambitious plan to become the world leader in the production of small jet engines

První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a. s. (PBS Velká Bíteš) has been one of the key companies of the Czech aviation industry for many years. We talked to Milan…

 30. 12. 2023
Service dogs of the Military Police: perfect cooperation between man and animal

Service dogs of the Military Police: perfect cooperation between man and animal

Recently, our editorial team had the opportunity to attend a demonstration of the training of service dogs of the Military Police and although I have seen the…

 29. 12. 2023
The largest NATO exercise STEADFAST JUPITER 2023 was significantly attended by the soldiers of the Czech Armed Forces

The largest NATO exercise STEADFAST JUPITER 2023 was significantly attended by the soldiers of the Czech Armed Forces

The Czechs dominated in terms of numbers in the logistics unit (Joint Logistics Support Group Brunssum/JLSGBS HQ) during one of the largest NATO exercises - Steadfast Jupiter…

 28. 12. 2023
Jiří Protiva: We are coming up with new proposals on how to benefit the army by implementing our skills and abilities

Jiří Protiva: We are coming up with new proposals on how to benefit the army by implementing our skills and abilities

The state enterprise LOM PRAHA is one of the successful enterprises established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. For the third year in a row, its…

 27. 12. 2023
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