Multinational transport squadron in the Czech Republic

Multinational transport squadron in the Czech Republic

In mid-April, the Czech media started talking about the possible establishment of an American base in the Czech Republic in connection with the working trip of Defence Minister…

 01. 05. 2022
Rocket artillery can be of good use

Rocket artillery can be of good use

The conflict in Ukraine shows once again that rocket artillery is definitely not old hat and still makes sense on the current battlefield. By the way, Multiple Rocket Launchers…

 08. 04. 2022
Common V4 air defence

Common V4 air defence

In the context of the war in Ukraine, implications for European defence are increasingly emerging. One of these is the need to modernise and strengthen Air Defence (AD)…

 28. 03. 2022
The future of subsonic aviation

The future of subsonic aviation

In the context of the debate on the needs of the Czech supersonic air force, the question of the future of subsonic aircraft in the armament of the Czech Air Force…

 01. 03. 2022
Options for the acquisition of Leopard 2 tanks within the modernisation of the Czech Army

Options for the acquisition of Leopard 2 tanks within the modernisation of the Czech Army

The modernisation of the Czech Armed Forces continues. One of the important projects of the modernization of the ground forces is also the replacement of morally and…

 14. 02. 2022
Anti-tank missiles for Czech attack helicopters

Anti-tank missiles for Czech attack helicopters

The Czech Helicopter Air Force will see a significant increase in capability in the coming years with the delivery of four new AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters. These will carry…

 19. 01. 2022
Mobile air defense systems

Mobile air defense systems

In October this year, a long-awaited agreement was signed between the Ministries of Defence of the Czech Republic and Israel on the acquisition of the SPYDER short- and…

 23. 12. 2021
Acquisition of the TITUS vehicle as a strategic opportunity

Acquisition of the TITUS vehicle as a strategic opportunity

Against the backdrop of important and well-known armament projects, such as the acquisition of new Infantry Fighting Vehicles, new artillery systems or Air Defence missile sets…

 20. 12. 2021
Advantages and disadvantages of the possible acquisition of F-35 aircraft for the Czech Armed Forces

Advantages and disadvantages of the possible acquisition of F-35 aircraft for the Czech Armed Forces

In the last few days, the Czech media have been reporting on the alleged advanced negotiations between the Czech and the US side regarding the acquisition of 40 units of the…

 16. 11. 2021
The year 2027 as a milestone for the Czech supersonic air force

The year 2027 as a milestone for the Czech supersonic air force

The year 2027 or 2029 represents a significant milestone for the Czech Air Force, which will in any case undergo a transformation at the turn of the twenties and…

 08. 10. 2021
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