The Czech Army is going to establish a Drone Battalion in January 2020, although selection of drones isn’t planned to begin until at least three years later

The Czech Army is going to establish a Drone Battalion in January 2020, although selection of drones isn’t planned to begin until at least three years later

The supreme representative of the Czech Republic, the President Miloš Zeman, in the past repeatedly spoke of drones and of necessity to integrate them into our army. The…

 22. 10. 2019
Thanks to Czech brand Tatra, Czechia is an exclusive club member

Thanks to Czech brand Tatra, Czechia is an exclusive club member

In connection with the selection procedure for new infantry combat vehicles for the Czech army, service vehicles have also been mentioned. It is a matter of fact that 29 cars…

 21. 10. 2019
Czech chemists excelled during an exercise in Iraq

Czech chemists excelled during an exercise in Iraq

On 5th and 6th October an exercise took place at the Taji base in Iraq focused on the attack protection of the base in situations when it is attacked with the use…

 19. 10. 2019
The Czech defence and security industry is concerned about lack of qualified employees

The Czech defence and security industry is concerned about lack of qualified employees

The Czech Republic is missing qualified employees, and the defence and security industry is no exception; it has to do with lack of technically educated persons, says…

 18. 10. 2019
The Czech Republic has imposed an arms embargo on Turkey, following other EU member states

The Czech Republic has imposed an arms embargo on Turkey, following other EU member states

Turkey’s aggression in Syria, which was filling the pages of the printed and internet media last week, has not remained without a response even in the Czech Republic…

 16. 10. 2019
Will Lynx win the tender for new infantry fighting vehicles? Rheinmetall recruits hundreds of employees.

Will Lynx win the tender for new infantry fighting vehicles? Rheinmetall recruits hundreds of employees.

Three factories falling into the affiliated concern Rheinmetall Automotive have been operating over ten years near Lake Milada in Ústecký Region. An intensive recruiting campaign has been…

 15. 10. 2019
Hellfire missiles for new army helicopters – the top in the quantity smaller than small

Hellfire missiles for new army helicopters – the top in the quantity smaller than small

The Czech Armed Forces has launched a campaign including video spots, papers, photos etc. about the oncoming new acquisition of the American Bell UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper helicopters…

 14. 10. 2019
Another rotation of soldiers is going to Mali, this time most of them is from Přáslavice

Another rotation of soldiers is going to Mali, this time most of them is from Přáslavice

A wider spectrum of tasks as well as higher temperature or, for example, toxic animals await the soldiers of the 2nd Task Force of the Army of the Czech Republic who are…

 13. 10. 2019
Czech response to Turkish aggression will be curt and diplomatic

Czech response to Turkish aggression will be curt and diplomatic

In the past years the Ministry of Defence provided ammunition for offensive guns, machine guns, but also for grenade launchers to Kurdish militia. Many tons of ammunition were…

 11. 10. 2019
Will the L-39NG become an export thriller?

Will the L-39NG become an export thriller?

This year, AERO Vodochody celebrates one hundred years from its foundation. This iconic company has produced since its foundation tens types of aircraft, including licensed production…

 10. 10. 2019
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