Former Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel is considering candidacy for president

Former Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic Petr Pavel is considering candidacy for president

Pavel would consider his candidacy if he noticed signs of deviation from democracy, that is the departure from liberal values. At that moment he would see his candidacy…

 10. 11. 2019
Military police want to have a possibility to destroy dangerous drones

Military police want to have a possibility to destroy dangerous drones

Nowadays the market with drones is saturated. It is possible to choose from really inexhaustible quantity. Bearing capacity of drones should be also mentioned…

 08. 11. 2019
The Ministry of Defence helps the Czech defence industry to establish itself abroad

The Ministry of Defence helps the Czech defence industry to establish itself abroad

The already 2nd Czech Defence Industry Day took place recently in Luxembourg, where NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has a head office. MoD and Defence and Security Industry…

 07. 11. 2019
Military TATRА’s in demanding nighttime training

Military TATRА’s in demanding nighttime training

Icy ground, reduced visibility or total darkness. Drivers of the 71st Mechanized Battalion in Hranice should be prepared for all these difficulties.  Our soldiers have passed…

 05. 11. 2019
CSG holding companies operate the most advanced helicopter pilot training center in the Central Europe

CSG holding companies operate the most advanced helicopter pilot training center in the Central Europe

Among the companies that presented themselves at NATO and Czech Air Force Days 2019 was European Air Services company, which belongs to the Aerospace Division of the Czechoslovak Group…

 04. 11. 2019
Army continues to give hope

Army continues to give hope

A unique project was created in 2012. Its aim is to find potential donors of bone marrow from the army and general public. The army returned to this project two years ago…

 01. 11. 2019
CZ BREN 2 for our army is a safe bet

CZ BREN 2 for our army is a safe bet

No surprise that the Army of the Czech Republic uses arms manufactured by Czech armoury in Uherský Brod. The signed long-term agreement for deliveries guarantees not only…

 31. 10. 2019
Our army provides well-timed and effective assistance to Czech citizens in the heaviest situations

Our army provides well-timed and effective assistance to Czech citizens in the heaviest situations

The Army of the Czech Republic fulfils, together with protection and defence of the territorial integrity of the republic and international obligations of our country, also…

 28. 10. 2019
General Karel Janoušek - hard to find a bigger hero and patriot

General Karel Janoušek - hard to find a bigger hero and patriot

The Czechoslovak soldier, the first and the second resistance member and the communist regime prisoner. The army general and air marshal was really an extraordinary personality. During World War…

 27. 10. 2019
Patriot II 4x4 – New armoured vehicle on Tatra chassis

Patriot II 4x4 – New armoured vehicle on Tatra chassis

vehicles in the Czech Republic. Czech company Excalibur Army unveiled this new vehicle constructed at the unique chassis by Czech car manufacturer Tatra Trucks the first time…

 24. 10. 2019
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