To what extent is Turkey a direct threat to Europe

To what extent is Turkey a direct threat to Europe

Turkey, a NATO member, has been showing for months that its membership in the Alliance is more than questionable.  We are basically talking about literal blackmailing and…

 05. 03. 2020
New Land Rover Defender: A possible successor to a current fleet of off-road vehicles of the Czech Army

New Land Rover Defender: A possible successor to a current fleet of off-road vehicles of the Czech Army

When Land Rover finished the manufacturing of the Defender four years ago, it was bad news for many off-road enthusiasts (but also for companies, institutions and armies).  After all…

 21. 02. 2020
Military exercise HRADBA: Simulation of measures after terrorist attacks in Europe by using NATO scenarios

Military exercise HRADBA: Simulation of measures after terrorist attacks in Europe by using NATO scenarios

So far, the last exercise HRADBA 2018 was at a significantly higher level in respect to its theme, scope, complexity of preparation and mainly implementation than the previous…

 19. 02. 2020
Tatra Kopřivnice generated a profit of almost 390 million Czech Korunas

Tatra Kopřivnice generated a profit of almost 390 million Czech Korunas

TATRA TRUCKS a.s., a member of the Czechoslovak Group holding, significantly strengthens. Last year, compared to the expected operating profit (before depreciation) of 200 million…

 14. 02. 2020
Senegal will buy L-39 NG from Aero Vodochody. An opportunity arises for other local companies.

Senegal will buy L-39 NG from Aero Vodochody. An opportunity arises for other local companies.

The signing of the contract for the purchase of four L-39 NG jet trainers to Senegal is being awaited in the following weeks.  Worsening security situation…

 10. 02. 2020
Army of the Czech Republic takes part in the Operation Barkhane

Army of the Czech Republic takes part in the Operation Barkhane

Involvement in the Operation Barkhane with a maximum of 60 persons and effective until 31 December 2022 is a newly approved mission for Czech soldiers. Let's take a look…

 03. 02. 2020
Těchonín and the coronavirus: The Biological Defence Centre of the Army of the Czech Republic is capable of activation within 12 hours

Těchonín and the coronavirus: The Biological Defence Centre of the Army of the Czech Republic is capable of activation within 12 hours

The coronavirus is constantly talked about at present together with the potentially infected people travelling to the Czech Republic. No suspicion has been confirmed so far…

 31. 01. 2020
Army has a new Commander of the Land Forces

Army has a new Commander of the Land Forces

The Brigadier General Ladislav Jung has become the new Commander of the Land Forces of the Army of the Czech Republic. He replaced the Major General Josef Kopecký who became the…

 23. 01. 2020
The Army could consider the conservation or moderate modernization of outgoing Mi-24 helicopters

The Army could consider the conservation or moderate modernization of outgoing Mi-24 helicopters

The Czech Army is considerably outdated in many respects in terms of the military technology. Purchases of new technology are realized slowly or only partially…

 12. 01. 2020
To leave or stay? Pros and cons of the possible withdrawal of the Czech soldiers and policemen from Iraq

To leave or stay? Pros and cons of the possible withdrawal of the Czech soldiers and policemen from Iraq

Czech soldiers, military policemen, but also members of the Police of the Czech Republic who have been currently participating in a mission in Iraq, have an uncertain future…

 09. 01. 2020
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