2% of GDP on defence is an ambitious plan, but it is realistic, Jana Černochová says

2% of GDP on defence is an ambitious plan, but it is realistic, Jana Černochová says

Talks between the proposed ministers of the new Government of Petr Fiala and President Miloš Zeman should end at the end of this week. Among those who have already attended this…

 07. 12. 2021
Transport Education Centre: What military drivers learn in military driving school

Transport Education Centre: What military drivers learn in military driving school

We were curious about what our military drivers have to do, what resources they use in their training, etc., so we asked Senior Warrant Officer Radek Polda from the Centre for Traffic…

 25. 10. 2021
Ladislav Jung: Exercise CZECH LION 2021 was thematically played out as a so-called "grand war"

Ladislav Jung: Exercise CZECH LION 2021 was thematically played out as a so-called "grand war"

This year's CZECH LION 2021 command and staff exercise tested in particular the ability of the commander and staff of the 7th Brigade Task Force to command subordinate units…

 12. 10. 2021
Interview with the President of the Association of Defence and Security Industry of the Czech Republic

Interview with the President of the Association of Defence and Security Industry of the Czech Republic

We bring you an interview with Jiří Hynek, President of the Defence and Security Industry Association of the Czech Republic (DSIA), in which we asked not only about the…

 04. 10. 2021
Jana Černochová: We owe the Army a clear financial outlook for at least five years ahead

Jana Černochová: We owe the Army a clear financial outlook for at least five years ahead

What has succeeded and what has failed in this term of office? What do the Ministry of Defense and the Army need for more effective modernisation? We asked Jana Černochová…

 16. 09. 2021
Miloslav Lafek: Financial stability is a prerequisite for ensuring the build-up of the Army

Miloslav Lafek: Financial stability is a prerequisite for ensuring the build-up of the Army

General Miloslav Lafek is currently the director of the MoD's Strategic Development and Planning Section. In 2015-2018, he was the director of the operational planning…

 05. 08. 2021
Antonín Genser: The priority is to relaunch comprehensive Active Reserves training

Antonín Genser: The priority is to relaunch comprehensive Active Reserves training

Colonel of the General Staff Ing. Antonín Genser has held the position of Commander of the Territorial Command since 2019. Prior to that, in 2016-2019, he served…

 27. 07. 2021
Soldiers have a hard time coping with life in the civilian world, but it works, the director of the center for veterans believes

Soldiers have a hard time coping with life in the civilian world, but it works, the director of the center for veterans believes

At the end of 2016, the first Community Center for War Veterans opened in the Czech Republic. This created a place for meetings and help in Brno. According to its director…

 09. 07. 2021
Pavel Konvalinka: My task is to train motivated and physically fit soldiers

Pavel Konvalinka: My task is to train motivated and physically fit soldiers

The current commander of the Basic Training Section, Chief Warrant Officer Pavel Konvalinka, is a graduate of the Military High School in Opava and subsequently in Vyškov…

 08. 06. 2021
Threats in the Middle East: An interview with an expert on the cultural aspects of security

Threats in the Middle East: An interview with an expert on the cultural aspects of security

Security is a complex phenomenon, which does not rely only on hard power and measures like military strength, weapons, and strategic thinking. Security also includes social and cultural…

 03. 06. 2021
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