The European Defence Agency has a new Director, Jiří Šedivý.

The European Defence Agency has a new Director, Jiří Šedivý.

Former Minister of Defence in the government of Mirek Topolánek, Deputy Secretary General of NATO, diplomat, Director of the Institute of International Relations. That…

 11. 03. 2020
4th Rapid Deployment Brigade: The main part of the Czech Army mobile forces

4th Rapid Deployment Brigade: The main part of the Czech Army mobile forces

On January 14th, 1994, forming of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade was begun. The Brigade whose readiness was due the first day of July started training of its units on June 30th…

 09. 03. 2020
Army buys tens of thousands of combat rations

Army buys tens of thousands of combat rations

The Defence Department plans to purchase 25,000 of combat food rations in ten variants in the form of excess public procurement. The Army would like to get the food…

 07. 03. 2020
To what extent is Turkey a direct threat to Europe

To what extent is Turkey a direct threat to Europe

Turkey, a NATO member, has been showing for months that its membership in the Alliance is more than questionable.  We are basically talking about literal blackmailing and…

 05. 03. 2020
Coronavirus thwarts armaments plans

Coronavirus thwarts armaments plans

With a slight exaggeration, the current number one issue - the coronavirus and its spreading - is already having an impact on a number of armament companies, including the…

 03. 03. 2020
Our bomb disposal experts from Bechyně got new equipment from the USA

Our bomb disposal experts from Bechyně got new equipment from the USA

Members of the bomb disposal squad of the Bechyně engineering base accepted the delivery of the last part of the pyrotechnical equipment from the US partners. The Army…

 29. 02. 2020
Bell is serious about the Army of the Czech Republic

Bell is serious about the Army of the Czech Republic

After the meeting of the delegations led by Defence Ministers Lubomír Metnar and Mark Esper in Pentagon last year, the company Bell gained the upper hand.  The main topic…

 25. 02. 2020
Czech arms companies are losing billions

Czech arms companies are losing billions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs vetoed a number of export licenses. In practice, this means a significant disadvantage compared to foreign competition. One example…

 23. 02. 2020
New Land Rover Defender: A possible successor to a current fleet of off-road vehicles of the Czech Army

New Land Rover Defender: A possible successor to a current fleet of off-road vehicles of the Czech Army

When Land Rover finished the manufacturing of the Defender four years ago, it was bad news for many off-road enthusiasts (but also for companies, institutions and armies).  After all…

 21. 02. 2020
Military exercise HRADBA: Simulation of measures after terrorist attacks in Europe by using NATO scenarios

Military exercise HRADBA: Simulation of measures after terrorist attacks in Europe by using NATO scenarios

So far, the last exercise HRADBA 2018 was at a significantly higher level in respect to its theme, scope, complexity of preparation and mainly implementation than the previous…

 19. 02. 2020
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